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Tutto è andato per il meglio

Tutto è andato per il meglio. Francamente non me lo sarei aspettato. Grazie.


La mia anima gemella

Faccio i miei complimenti a questo portale per avermi dato l'opportunità di trovare la mia anima gemella.


Спасибо Ukrianedate

Кажется почти нереальным чтобы человек из Австралии живущий в Швеции встретил девушку из Украины. И вообще как такое возможно чтобы так хорошо подходящие друг-другу люди родились в разных частях планеты на разных полушариях? Но раз уж это так, то прекрасно что для их встречи есть такой инструмент как этот сайт!


Thank you for making people happy

We met on your site 11 months ago, this then so many beautiful things had happened. Me and my husband met, fell in love and got married on November, 14th. Here we are, full of love. Thank you again. Your site is very special, because it makes people happy. With love from our family.


My experience with UkraineDate has been extremely positive

Dear UkraineDate! I want to thank you sincerely for introducing me to my wonderful, beautiful wife. I was very fortunate to meet my wife Iryna on your dating site several years ago. My experience with UkraineDate has been extremely positive. I feel your site is one of the most credible dating sites I encountered. Your site has conducted itself with honesty and integrity that seems to be greatly lacking in other dating sites. The patrons on your leggi tutto >> site I found to be the most honest, genuine and sincere. I greatly enjoyed using your site and have recommended it to many others. My wife Iryna and I were wed on May 31, 2013. She is a wonderful woman who I believe encompasses all the qualities that I have mentioned previously. I'll always be grateful to UkraineDate for providing me the opportunity to meet my lovely wife. To all of those who I have corresponded with, it was a pleasure getting to know you and I wish everyone the same good fortune that I have found here. Iryna &amp; Arnold << riduci


Oчень счастливы

спасибо мы нашли друг друга и очень счастливы


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